Introducing the perfect gift….Taggies!

An early childhood educator developed taggies after watching children do something very interesting.
Children love to touch tags on clothing and toys rather than the item itself. Children love to rub satin, ribbons, tags, and other fabric. And, from that observation the taggies were created.

What is a taggy?

A taggy is a small blanket adorned with textured tags. A variety of ribbons, textured fabirc, satin, grograin ribbon, fleece and many varied fabrics embellish the edges of the taggy.

Who are taggies for?

Taggies were created with your child in mind. A taggy develops tactile skills such as the sense of texture. The skill of color identification is learned as a child plays. Taggy learning using touch can begin with a child as young as 4 months and throughout the developmental stages.

Why buy a taggy?

Taggies develop a child’s ability to focus as they manipulate the tags. A young child’s attention follows their hand motions as they learn the sense of touch, color and focusing. An interactive learning experience that stimulates learning in babies and children.

Most importantly… there is no end to the time a child loves the comfort of their taggy. Taggies are cuddly and soft and bring a sense of security to the baby or child.